Joy Found Through Simple Gifts

Across the Nation there are many organizations that go above and beyond to support children in need—they positively impact their communities and remind children that they are not forgotten. Marine Toys for Tots supports those local organizations and less fortunate children by providing them toys, books, and other gifts during times of uncertainty.

Toys for Tots’ year-round efforts recently supported underprivileged children in Spring, Texas, during a toy distribution event hosted by Relate Community Church. The toy distribution provided 723 children in need with hope for a brighter future and toys that will spark creativity and joy. What’s even more impactful is the emotion that is elicited from a child who just received a gift and may not understand why he or she is receiving the toy or kindness from a stranger. This is what happened to one little girl.

Foster children from Arrow Child and Family Ministries arrived at the distribution event after being taken into care directly from the border crisis where they face unimaginable circumstances. The children spoke and understood only Spanish, and they did not fully comprehend why they were at a distribution event or what the event entailed.

Among the foster children was a little girl who was hesitant to accept her toys and attempted to give them back. Most of the volunteers didn’t understand why this was happening, until a Spanish speaking volunteer was able to translate for the little girl and volunteers. Through the Spanish speaking volunteer’s kind words, the little girl learned that they toys were meant for her to keep. The little girl began to cry as she felt overwhelmed with joy knowing that she would be able to take something tangible with her from the event that would help her feel special.

Volunteers witnessed this heartfelt interaction and began to shed tears as they realized they reminded this little girl that there was still hope to be found through the simple gift of a toy, book, or game. In that instance, the language barrier didn’t matter because the power of love and compassion transcended all barriers and united everyone in a shared sense of emotion.

Marine Toys for Tots’ mission is to spread the same profound impact on more children in need across the Nation—and remind them that they are not forgotten. The simple act of kindness brightened the little girl’s heart, and she will remember that moment for a lifetime. This is the power of being a year-round force for good, and the impact that our supporters’ donations can have on underprivileged children in local communities across our great Nation. Our goal is to provide smiles for today and hope for tomorrow!

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