Smiles and Hope Delivered to Children in Sidney, OH

Marine Toys for Tots is providing toys, books, and other gifts to local nonprofits across the country who will distribute the gifts to underprivileged children in their community throughout the spring and summer months – providing smiles for today and hope for tomorrow!

Agape Distribution, a nonprofit that serves residents in need in Sidney, OH, positively impacted the lives of over one thousand children in need through their distribution event during the local Spring Festival. The three thousand toys, books, and games – provided by Toys for Tots – brought smiles to the faces of the children, parents, and volunteers during the entirety of the event!

The distribution event spread an extraordinary level of joy around the festival and everyone in attendance witnessed the excitement and happiness exuding from the children as they chose their brand-new toys to take home. For most children, this was their first time receiving a gift that they could call their own.

“There’s no denying the power of play and imagination for a child,” a spokesperson from Agape Distribution said. “When it’s anchored like this, in such a memorable way, it’s all the more powerful and lasting.”

The toy distribution served as a reminder to the children that they are not forgotten and there is hope for a brighter future. Toys for Tots is a year-round force for good, and the Program is dedicated to providing smiles for today and hope for tomorrow to children in need throughout the country beyond the holiday season.

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