Smiles and Hope Delivered to Students in Boise, Idaho

Marine Toys for Tots is a year-round force for good and we want to remind children that they are not forgotten throughout the year—especially as schools go on summer break. In order to provide year-round hope, Toys for Tots is providing toys, books, and other gifts to local nonprofits across the Nation to deliver smiles for today and hope for tomorrow to underprivileged children this spring and summer. 

Toys for Tots’ spring and summer initiative recently supported children attending Title I funded schools in Boise, Idaho, through local organization, Astegos, Inc. Astegos, Inc., was founded in 2017 and supports local schools, churches, and nonprofits while being a housing and interstate transportation provider and basic needs depot.

Astegos, Inc., distributed the toys and other gifts – provided by Toys for Tots – to 252 students at Koelsch Elementary with the help of schoolteachers and international students from The College of Idaho. Each student was given three nametags that they placed on the toys they wanted to keep, and the toys were delivered to them at the end of the school day – a great way to finish the day!

A teacher commented, “The kids were so grateful and excited to have some new toys!”

Reminders of brighter days are needed year-round, and Toys for Tots stands ready to spread messages of hope whenever they are needed most!

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